Sunshine Specialties Northern Ca Inc. will use our best efforts to actively promote the sale and distribution of your products.

Our areas of responsibility include distributor calls, retail headquarter calls, and retail store calls.





The ultimate goal is to get your product into the consumer's shopping cart. If we have reduced your prices, and advertised your products, and made sure your products are available, what else is there?...DEMOS!

Demos are the best way to create consumer trial and entice them to buy.

For food products, taste is everything -- get the people to try it, and it's a sure winner. For body care products, hand out a sample size of your product for consumers to try at home.

Sunshine Specialties Northern Ca Inc. can help you with contacts for a good demo company or an individual demo person in our area. Manufacturers are also encouraged to sample out their own products in our stores, for who knows your products better than you!

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